Current Students

Current Ph.D. Students

Jithin Sai Sandra
Ph.D. Student
Ion Beam Assisted Deposition of biaxially-textured thin films
Vamsi Yerraguravagari
Ph.D. Student
Fabrication of flexible superconductor tapes
Rohit Jain
Ph.D. Student
MOCVD of High Temperature Superconductor tapes
Chuanze Zhang
Ph.D. Student
Single-crystalline-like thin films on flexible substrates
Carlos Favela
Ph.D. Student
MOCVD of III-V semiconductors on flexible substrates
Siwei Chen
Ph.D. Student
Engineering of advanced manufacturing equipment for High Temperature Superconductor tapes
Bo Yu
Ph.D. Student
Flexible electronics using crystalline semiconductors
Mahesh Paidpilli
Ph.D. Student
Advanced MOCVD of High Temperature Superconductor Tapes
Sahil Sharma
Ph.D. Student
Single-crystalline-like epitaxial films on flexible substrates

Current M.S. (thesis) Students

Current M.S. (non-thesis) Students